September Worship


Sept. 11, 2022

All Things to All People

Proverbs 16:16



September Worship

September worship, including Sept. 11 Contemporary Music Sunday. Click below to watch.


Sometimes we have to let go of the good to grab a hold of the better! We'll focus each week on a Scripture verse that helps us see what is best!

Summer in the Scriptures

We all have troubles. Even our ancestors in faith dealt with some summer adventures that caused them big worries and even threatened their lives!

May-June Worship

Sermons: "Hope Despite the Odds," and "Dreams & Visions"

It's ok NOT to be ok

We'll find out how to care for our own mental health and how we can promote healing and not shame for all people. Praise God, he loves us in health, and is right with us in sickness. He loves us just as we are.

Mother's Day

Mother's are inpirational! We honor them with a special worship service with a video of the Sunday school kids telling what their mother does for them!

The Creative Soul

Do you think other people are creative, but not you? Think again! You are made in the image of God, who created the world. You'll learn why God wants us to be creative!

Easter brings hope!

On Easter, Mary Magdalene was running low on hope.She worries and tries to find him. But does she need to make hope, is it up to her? Where does hope come from? Find out in this message!

Worship includes the Children's choir, Youth handbell choir, Easter egg hunt and Holy Communion.

Walking with God

We're improving our spiritual health during Lent talking about five essential spiritual practices: Worship, Studying the Bible, Serving, Giving, and Sharing the Good News. Finallly on Palm Sunday we look at how Jesus practiced them on the Cross.

Did Jesus really say THAT?

Sometimes Jesus' teaching can be amazing, even shocking! We'll look at things Jesus said, and what do they mean for us?

A New Beginning

We want to start the year putting first things first, making Jesus the focus of the year. When we do this, all our priorities align. When we get this right, everything else seems to find its right place.

Christmas & Epiphany

 Christmas Eve worship service with bells that jingle, solos by Kay Yoder and Pete Bohr and a message on the new beginning that Jesus brought.. Also Dec. 26 on young Jesus, and Jan. 2 on the wisemen who visited baby Jesus. 

Missing Peace

Moments of peace are precious! When we find them, we hold on tight and pray they last. But there's a peace that goes beyond our understanding--beyond the pain and fear we face today. If you've been Missing Peace, come discover it this Advent!

Remember to Give Thanks!

Giving thanks doesn't always come naturally. But when we do give thanks, good things happen!

Greater Reward Message Series

Oct. 31-Nov. 14. There's a greater reward waiting for you. Discover how to let go of the status quo and stay focused on who God says you are and what he wants for your life.

The Pilgirmage

The Locust Lake chaplain, Ben Fruchtl, leads us in singing and teaching. 

The Good Work Message Series

Starting Sept 26, a message series on Nehemiah, about finding your passion and rebuildling the broken places. Click below to watch.


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